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TRACKBACK: Gorillaz – The Fall – Review

Album four of #GorillazWeek is the bands most forgotten, but does it deserve that title? You can catch the reviews for Gorillaz, Demon Days & Plastic Beach after each respective jump... After three mainstream and successful albums from Gorillaz, their next felt like a side-project within a side-project. The Fall was released exclusively online on… Continue reading TRACKBACK: Gorillaz – The Fall – Review

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TRACKBACK: Gorillaz – Plastic Beach – Review

Part 3 of #GorillazWeek is here, with the polarizing and yet very layered Plastic Beach... If you're playing catch up, you can read the Gorillaz & Demon Days reviews by clicking each respective title. RECYCLING IS GOOD. REALLY GOOD. PLEASE RECYCLE. Now we’ve got the message of this album across (how it wasn’t the soundtrack… Continue reading TRACKBACK: Gorillaz – Plastic Beach – Review

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TRACKBACK: Gorillaz – Self-Titled – Review

16 years or so ago, the lead singer of Blur and and the co-creator of Tank Girl had an idea, to make a band that, for all intents and purposes, didn’t really exist. Something must have worked, as 2017 will see Gorillaz release their fifth studio album Humanz. In light of this, I will be… Continue reading TRACKBACK: Gorillaz – Self-Titled – Review